Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The purpose of the advisory board is to provide leadership, guidance, and support to the Association. The advisory board consist of four members elected by members of the Association, each serve two year terms: Advisory Board Chair, Communications Chair, Treasurer and Historian. A nonelected position of Conference Chair serves a one-year term and meets with Advisory Board as needed for annual conference planning.

2020-2022 Advisory Board

Advisory Board Chair

Jacqueline Newcomb, Ed.D.
Director of Pre-College Programs, Harvard Summer School
Harvard University

Communications Chair

Maureen Saraco, Ed.D.
Director, Summer and Pre-College Programs
Temple University


Kevin McAbee
Associate Program Director, Compliance Program Manager, Office of Pre-College Programs
University of Notre Dame


Becki Baker
Director of Pre-College Programs, College of Arts & Sciences
Washington University in St. Louis

2020 Conference Chair

Ryan Meadows
Director of Precollegiate Outreach Programs
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

2022 Conference Chair

Chris Cofer
Executive Director, Office of Pre-College Programs, College of Professional Studies
Syracuse University

2022-2024 Advisory Board Nominations Now Open!

Nominate yourself or others to serve on our advisory board. Details on the election process and positions are available here. Nominations are open through September 23, 2022.