Frequently Asked Questions

I work in my university’s pre-college program. Can I become a member?

If you are someone who is responsible for creating policies or engaging in strategic planning for pre-college programs at your university, then we would welcome your membership application. We do not offer institutional memberships, so each employee at a given institution must sign up for membership individually. Memberships run annually beginning in August of each year. You can find more information and the membership application here.

I run a program for high school students that is not based in a college or university setting. Can I become a member?

Membership is limited to individuals who have executive autonomy for academic pre-college programs at colleges and universities. Non-academic programs or programs run by institutions that are not colleges or universities, even if those programs take place on college or university campuses, are not eligible for membership.

I run a pre-college program and want to participate in one of your fairs. How do I do that?

Participation in our pre-college fairs is limited to members only. You can find more information and the membership application here.

I am a student, parent/guardian, or high school counselor who wants to attend one of your fairs. How can I sign up?

Registration for each fair will open approximately 10-14 days before each fair date. If you are on the mailing list of any of our member colleges or universities, it is likely that you will get emails from those institutions also inviting you to attend.

Do you have a mailing list to share information about pre-college programs with students, parents/guardians, and/or high school counselors?

No, we do not mail or email information about the programs our member institutions run. We also do not send notifications about our virtual fairs, but the institutions who are participating do for those on their mailing lists. If you are interested in learning more about any of the programs at our member institutions, we recommend that you sign up to attend one of our virtual fairs. This will give you access to chat with program representatives on the day of the event, leave your contact information with particular institutions, and view program information for up to six months afterwards. If you leave your contact information, it will be shared with those institutions and you will be added to their mailing lists. You can also view program information at the links included here.

I have another question that’s not answered here.

Please submit your question here. A member of our advisory board will respond within 7-10 business days.